Documenting life's most intimate Moments

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Here's the good stuff... 

My passion for photography runs on tall iced americanos and whole lot of awkward silence breaking skills.  And while I like to call it my passion for photography, it's truly my passion for people. I am a master of facilitating authentic moments, by giving you a fun and safe place to be %100 YOU. Our photographs are notorious for bringing "all the feels" back to life. My number one goal is for you to cry happy tears when you see your photos because all those feelings come rushing back. You should OBSESS over your photos the way I obsess over my clients! I believe that the reason we have mastered documenting such intimate moments is because we have dedicated our hearts and souls to making our clients feel %100 themselves in front of the camera. You're probably wondering how, everyone says they document authentic moments these days right? Here's the truth, we have blended a little bit of gentle posing and ridiculously fun prompting to create the perfect environment for authentic moments to happen. The real smiles, the silly kisses, the laughs, oh the laughs!! And while I am an expert at creating a fun environment to be in front of  camera you can also expect me to tell you to drop that chin and pull back those shoulders all day long girl because let's be real, you didn't hire a professional to wonder if you look your absolute best or not. This is why I say a little bit of posing and a lot of prompting. I am direct when I need to be but I when I say I love intimate moments, they truly are the beat to my heart.  So while I am confident stepping up to run the show during family formals, you will also commonly find me slipping behind the scenes and capture those tear jerkers that aren’t something I can direct to happen but can catch when they do unfold. Now that you know the good good, I want to hear from you!                                  



Here is a little of my love story, now I can't wait to hear about yours...

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