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Do you travel? Yes! This does change the price points listed so if you have a destination in mind please give me a heads up and we can further chat about this! 

Where are you based? I am currently living just outside of St. Louis. However, Washington state is home and I commonly spend about half my summer shooting weddings/sessions here and a good portion of the holiday season as well while visiting family so there are commonly NO travel fees for this! 

What makes you stand out? I am here for you as people first. Before I am a photographer I am your friend. This is why I refer to myself as your personal paparazzi. I am here to be wherever you are all day long no matter what. I love my clients and like to get to know what you value and make sure as your personal paparazzi I don't miss a thing. 

Me or my partner don't love being in front of the camera, is this a problem? Absolutely not!! I am an expert at making things fun and easy when it comes to being in front of the camera. My clients typically are having a blast and totally comfortable right away with my approach of prompting vs posing. 

Wait does this mean you don't pose? Nooooo. While I love to give you guys some weird shit to do during our session to make you crack up, I also pull out some very Vogue style poses to get you some power shots as well. I am a balance girl. A part of me prompting you guys is to get you comfortable with me before I pull out the more styled shots.

Do you include print options? Yasss! While I absolutely do not require you order ANY prints from me I am very stoked to offer print choices straight from your online delivered gallery of digitals. As a photographer I have come to realize how many photos are taken and stored away on some device and totally forgotten. I really believe albums and prints are an amazing way to physically grasp and share those memories in your home. 

Is package pricing flexible? I really want to accommodate budgets of all kinds which is why I custom design wedding packages for all my clients. If you are not sure we fit price wise send me a message!! I would LOVE to explain what goes into my packages and how we can make one work for you!